Dairy Crest Liverpool

Leading UK dairy food company, Dairy Crest, have switched to LED lighting in their Liverpool premises, resulting in huge cost and energy savings and improved working conditions for their staff.


The main areas of the site were previously lit by fluorescent tube lighting and low bay lighting, which expended a total of 109,323 watts per hour and 520.5 tonnes of carbon per year.

The lighting required regular maintenance and cost the company a staggering £95,505 each year – money that could have been put to far better use elsewhere.


The energy inefficient lighting at Dairy Crest’s Liverpool branch has now been replaced by Allied’s LED tube range and FL low bay lighting, which expend just 35,340 watts per hour and 168.26 tonnes of carbon per year.

The results!

The switch to Allied’s LED range represents a saving of £64,632 over just one year. Dairy Crest’s energy expenditure has been reduced by a huge amount - 646,316 kilowatt hours and 352.34 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In addition to the huge cost and energy savings, Dairy Crest have been extremely pleased to note the improvements in working
conditions for their employees: the new LED lighting units require less maintenance and offer a nice, crisp colour temperature and an increased lighting level.