LED Lighting

LED Lighting

  1. We audit your current lighting system and its energy consumption
  2. We consult with you about your own ideas and requirements
  3. We design your new LED lighting solution using the latest relux design software
  4. Our energy consultant will review your audit and give you our retrofit lease proposal, confirming the savings you will make your new system will then be installed by a local fully licensed electrical contractoror more.

And that’s it. It really is that easy.

You really don’t have to do a thing, except enjoy your state-of-the-art new lighting and save money. Then savour that warm fuzzy feeling that you get from knowing you are helping the environment by reducing your lightings carbon footprint by 65%

Our LED lighting operates at approximately 80% efficiency, which simply means that 80% of the energy is turned into light. Older light units run at only 20%, meaning that 80% of the energy is wasted and is given off as heat. Companies that use air-conditioning units spend more money on energy to cool down their offices in a vicious circle of wasted energy. So you’ll save money on energy bills here too. You will reduce the carbon emissions made by your traditional light units by up to 65%, helping you achieve lower CO2 emission levels set by the Government.

Don’t forget the energy and CO2 reduction savings on using the air-conditioning less too. LED light is better to work in, it doesn’t flicker like some old office lights, so this means that headaches, eyestrain and migraine are less likely amongst staff. Our light also comes in three shades of white to suit your working environment. LED’s are ‘on’ instantly, which means it’s safer to work under. It also means that sensors for even greater energy savings can control it, without the delay experienced with traditional fluorescent and other commercial lights.

Our new LED office lights are flush fitting, easy to clean and great to look at companies wishing to create a more contemporary working environment. They are even used by the Royal Institute of British Architects to enhance their designs.