Siemens Financial Services help customers get eco-friendly

Siemens Financial Services help customers get eco-friendly

Allied Lighting, one of the leading UK LED lighting suppliers, has teamed up with Siemens Financial Services (SFS) in a bid to make its environmentally responsible lighting solutions available to more customers. Working in partnership with SFS, Allied can offer customers a flexible financing solution for their LED lighting.

Customers will be able to avoid making a large one-off, up-front payment to purchase and install their lights, instead paying an affordable monthly sum that can be off-set against savings made on energy bills to make the project fully self-financing. Allied, whose clients include housing associations, hospitals and Universities, as well as major multi-national corporations, offers a range of LED lights that are not only brighter and more eco-friendly than standard fluorescent lights, but that can save businesses tens of thousands of pounds each year.

With far reduced energy & CRC expenditure, virtually no maintenance costs and a considerably longer life, Allied’s LED lights represent a significant saving opportunity and reduced CO2 footprint and can be tailored to suit any client. The new flexible funding solution offered by Allied in partnership with SFS will allow customers to spread the cost of lighting acquisition and installation over a fixed time frame, paying regular instalments rather than a one-off lump sum and opening the door to even larger savings for Allied customers.

Founder and Director of Allied, Benn Timbury, commented: “The initial outlay for any project can be a worry. Previously, customers wishing to spread the cost of their Allied lighting installation have chosen to undertake the project in stages, using the money they save on energy bills to fund further investment. However, this has meant limited savings, immediate reinvestment and fewer available funds. “Our new arrangement with Siemens Financial Services is a brilliant opportunity for customers to take advantage of a flexible funding solution. Customers may now be able to get funding at the start of a project that allows them to complete the work much more quickly and start making even bigger savings, while still managing cash and budget constraints.”

The hope is that the new partnership between Allied and SFS will not only offer customers a more flexible way to fund their investment, but will enable more businesses to adopt an environmentally-friendly lighting solution sooner rather than later. In a time of rising energy costs and increased environmental awareness, customers in both the public and private sectors are seeking the best possible solution for their business – one that will save them money and demonstrate their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility to their clients.

Allied’s environmentally responsible lighting, acquired on a flexible funding plan and made affordable by significant and sustainable savings, could be the ideal solution.